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Claire Carver-Dias
Up until recently, Claire has only delivered her highly effective presentation skills training programs privately within organizations.  Due to frequent requests, she has now opened up her unique program to individuals through this site.​​​​​​​
Amplify is a vibrant community of people who want to boost their presentation skills! Through video learning modules, application activities, interactive live Q & A's, online practice, coaching, feedback and support, you can move from stage shy to master of the mic. 
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The Amplify membership site doors open again in February 2020.

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About Claire Carver-Dias
A PhD in English, accredited executive coach, experienced public speaker, and Olympic medalist, Claire thoroughly understands what it takes to plan and deliver a compelling message as well as how to motivate, inspire and coach people to achieve their full potential as presenters.
Since founding her own communications consultancy in 2003, Claire has shared her presentation skills development methodology with hundreds of corporate executives as well as Olympic and Paralympic athletes.
For over 15 years, Claire has helped people articulate their ideas in compelling ways, fine-tune their presentation and communication skills, and earn the praise and admiration of their colleagues and audiences.
"Claire was engaged to assist me in improving my public speaking and presentation skills, but she coached me on far more.  Her knowledge coupled with her empathy and genuine care helped me get over a lot of my fears and completely change the way I present.  Claire can add tremendous value to anyone in need of coaching - from specific areas like presenting through to life coaching.  I would highly recommend her."

Ilana Chilewitz, PMP
IT Business Systems Manager
Noble Corporation
"I think Claire is amazing at what she does and how she makes people feel.  I think a lot of people struggle with this fear of speaking in front of others, and she has a way of making you feel so comfortable with yourself that you leave wanting to put yourself out there."

​​​​Sonya Babensee
Commercial Product Specialist
Johnson Controls Canada LP