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Struggling to speak up and stand out?

Grow your business and professional impact through the power of public speaking. As an Olympic medalist, keynote speaker, professor, and communications coach, Dr. Claire Carver-Dias understands the challenges and secrets of effective public speaking. She has refined a system of helping corporate clients generate revenue and obtain professional growth, through focused communications training and coaching. In 2020, she is releasing her presentation skills program to the public.

The Amplify Effect:

Since 2004, we coached hundreds of professionals to become confident communicators. Our interactive teaching method is influenced by the world of high-performance sport. Our clients see a dramatic improvement in their public speaking ability and overall public presence.

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How It Works


Enjoy learning proven
strategies for more engaging
and effective
public speaking


In a safe community
environment, practice your new skills, obtain encouraging feedback and grow in


Apply your new speaking skills
in real life to win over new audiences and clients, and grow your business and professional profile

Great skill in public speaking is the key to professional
growth, promotion, and business development. Increase
your revenue and impact through Amplify.